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High Performance

XECRO’s line of inductive sensors cover all diameters between Ø6.5 mm and M30.
These sensors combine the highest sensing distances with extremely short housings.


Engineers are often faced with a particular need for sensors that fit into tight spaces. All inductive sensors of the Miniature Series are fully integrated; no external amplifier is required. All devices are equipped with reverse polarity protection as well as a short-circuit proof switching output. Also an optical switching indicator is generally built-in.


Inductive Metal-Face sensors from XECRO are constructed with housings made of one continuous piece of stainless steel – which also includes the sensing face. The exceptional ruggedness makes them ideal sensors for environments where even long sensing ranges cannot prevent mechanical damage of the sensor.

High Temperature

Inductive High temperature sensors are designed for continuous operation at temperatures between -25 °C and +180 °C. The sensors are fully integrated and their dimensions correspond to XECRO sensors for normal temperatures. This allows for high standardization if an existing sensor needs to be replaced by a high temperature sensor.

High Pressure Proof

Precise position sensing that operates under high pressure requires well-constructed sensors. XECRO fulfills these requirements with the wide range of High–Pressure Series sensors produced with two specialized technologies. These technologies result in a permanent pressureresistant level of up to 1000 bar (14503 psi).

Analog Output

XECRO sensors with analog output are able to measure precisely distances to metal objects. They are ideal for positioning, distance measurement and metal classification, or comparable applications. Analog current or voltage outputs are available with extended sensing distances in sizes ranging from M8 to M30.


Depending on the version, metal-selective sensors react only to ferrous or non-ferrous metals. They are often used in soda-can redemption or waste sorting machines.

2-Wire AC

XECRO’s 2-wire AC capacitive proximity switches are ideal for alternating current applications. For example, to replace mechanical limit switches. They are available in M18 and M30 sizes with sensing ranges up to 30 mm and are rated for 20…250 VAC.

2-Wire DC

For installations which benefit from a sensor with a 2-wire connection, for example in order to replace mechanical limit switches in an existing installation, XECRO offers sensing distances of up to 25 mm.

Cubic Variants

The inductive sensors from XECRO also include a subset with cubic housings made of plastic. These sensors are also divided into three classes of different performance; from standard to high performance.


The purpose of inductive ring sensors from XECRO is to detect small metal parts with a static or dynamic functional principle. Static detection activates the output as long as an object is located in the sensing area (e.g. wire break detection). Dynamic detection means that the output is activated once an object entering the sensing area.


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