Product Feature:

  • AIOBOX-MT124F supports 16-channel DI, supports source and sink two-way Input, input voltage 24v/0v.
  • AIOBOX-MT222F supports 16-channel DO, high-level voltage is valid, output voltage 24v.
  • AIOBOX-MT623F supports 8-channel DI, supports source and sink two-way input, input voltage 24v/0v.
  • AIOBOX-MT623F supports 8-channel DO, high-level voltage is valid, output voltage 24v.
  • LED indicators for 16 channel input & output.
  • Two or three-wire digital sensor can be connected through input channel.
  • 32-bit counter is supported by every input channel (frequency: <200Hz).
  • Thermal shutoff and overcurrent protection.
  • The bus inside the module and the field input are isolated by optical coupler.

Product Details

AIOBOX-MT623F is an integrated IO box based on Ethernet with 8-channel input and 8-channel output.

It simultaneously supports RS485 interface (Modbus-RTU) and Ethernet interface (Modbus-TCP) for communication. This AIOBOX is easy for using with stable transmission, and it is designed with full metal case, strong anti-interference ability, inner PCB with anti-corrosion technique of anti – corrosion, anti – oxidation and salt-spray resistant. It supports double Ethernet port with daisy chain topology and easy for wiring.

This series of modules have the access of the standard Modbus-TCP and Modbus-RTU/ASCII protocols, Ethernet supports the cascade function of dual-port switch, and serial port supports the RS485 bus connection mode. DI signals (such as emergency stop signal, travel switch, photoelectric switch, button switch input) can be collected from the field, and DO signals can be the output field control status (such as relay output, valve output, indicator light display).

Technical Parameters

General Parameters

8 channels Digital Input, supports source and sink type, counter function

8 channels Digital Output, supports source type;

Communication interface: dual Ethernet port, with switch function, support device cascade, 1 Modbus-RTU RS485 interface

Input voltage: 9-36v DC, Wide Input Voltage

Working Temperature: -40~85℃

Baud rate: 1200 ~115200bps

Protection level: IP20

RS485 nodes: Max. 32

Power: Max.116mA@24Vdc

Isolation: I/O to Internal Bus – optocoupler isolation (3KVrms)

Field voltage: nominal voltage – 24VDC, input range: 22~28VDC

Wiring: I/O wiring – Max.1.5mm(AWG-16)

Weight: 330g

Size: 110*27.5*110mm(LxHxW)